Language & Reading Development

The natural way humans learn language & develop reading skills:

Following are logical reading development steps that occur bfore we become competent readers.

1)     Phonemic Awareness  How accurate we hear the smallest part of English sound

2)     Phonics  Linking sounds to letters

3)     Fluency  Ability to read fast enough to understand

4)     Vocabulary  Learn new words and remember their meanings

5)     Comprehension  Putting everything together and understanding what you read


A strong foundation in language is required for further success in reading.


Being successful in reading takes years of development, some children never become fluent readers and struggle throughout their school life.


Using cutting-edge technology developed by scientists, Fast ForWord shortens this process to weeks and months. At the same time, the brain becomes stronger through focused, intense exercises. Attacking the root causes of language and reading development issues.


With Reading Assistant’s Advanced Voice Verification technology, students get to practice reading while the computer acts as a patient listener. Students quickly improve their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


See results fast. Improve 1-2 years within just 2-3 months of training.

All this from the comfort of your own home or at school.

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Students can train at home or as school:


Fast ForWord, a language and reading development software based on 30 years of neuro-science research.


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