Attention Issue



Improving Attention Span



Attention is the ability to maintain focus on a task for a certain period of time.



As a parent or teacher, you may see a lot of these behaviours from your child;


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  • Easily Distracted 
  • Slow Learning
  • Forgetful
  • Dislike reading
  • Careless 
  • Slow in counting 
  • Difficulty in problem solving 
  • Misses instructions
  • Communication problems
  • Give up easily 
  • Weak social skills
  • "Lazy" & unmotivated


These behaviours may be seen quite often when brain fitness or cognitive skills are not fully developed.


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Since our brain is the control-center, if a child’s certain core foundations are weak then they would not be successful in activities that require the use of strong foundations. And we all know that every child wants to be happy.


When a child is not paying attention, avoids challenging tasks, has poor eye-contact or other behavioral issues, we adults often pay a lot of attention to symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to see that there are actually root causes underlying these behaviours.


So when a child is faced with a challenging task that they know they cannot perform in, it is then naturally that they would want to avoid it, make excuses or display behavioural symptoms, which we adult see as “attention” issues.



Building strong foundations for greater attention span 





The only programme that accelerates academic achievement by improving brain performance.


BrainFit Thailand offers a complete "Whole Brain Training" programme to improve attention and strengthen critical and learning areas of your child’s brain. Our unique programmes are designed to boost children's cognitive skills that enable them to learn successfully. This provides all the necessary tools for successful learning and gives a jumpstart to your child’s education.



Benefits gained from Whole Brain Training Programme;


Your child’s learning abilities will be enhanced significantly

The better your child’s cognitive abilities, the better he/she will be able to concentrate and focus on any given task from the simplest to the most complex. That means your child can absorb fully in class, understand new concepts faster and be unbeatable in school!


Your child will be more motivated and resilient

With healthier learning mindsets and stronger learning abilities, motivation for learning naturally grows. This sets up a cycle of positivity which leads to greater mental and emotional resilience when faced with setbacks.


You can enjoy an improved parent-and-child relationship

When your child obediently sits down to finish his/her homework and chores, you can finally end the nagging and come home to quality time with your child.



Onsite training available for children aged 3-18 years old includes; 


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1. Physical Training

Physical exercises target postural efficiency, speed,  coordination, motor planning etc to improve attention & learning


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2. Cognitive Training

3 programmes, namely, SMART Workout® for general cognition and English Workout & Math Workout for academic achievement


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3. Emotional Coaching

Comprehensive curriculum targets Growth Mindset, Emotional Regulation and Willpower



Unlock your child's potential and increase their attention span with us.

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