LIVE Webinar: Need stronger attention stamina in your learner? You are not alone!



LIVE Webinar

"Need Stronger attention stamina in your learner?" 

You are not alone!


Topic: "Need stronger attention stamina in your learner?" You are not alone!

Date: Thursday, 16th July 2020 

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Bangkok Time)

Suitable for: School administrators, teachers, counsellors, psychologists, allied educators, therapists, parents or anyone interested in the learning brain.

Cost: Complimentary


“Help! My learner has trouble paying attention!”

This is one of the most common concerns that parents and teachers raise about their learners. Your ability to pay attention is a skill. Both adults and children are having an increasingly difficult time paying attention and sustaining attention, thanks particularly to our modern lifestyle with heavy technology use. And we can only expect this to worsen.

Having a solid attention span and focus is necessary for staying on task, successful learning, deep thinking and problem-solving. Gain the latest insights on why paying attention is so hard for the brain and learn strategies to help your learner develop stronger attention and focus.


Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand why it is so hard for the brain to pay attention   
  • Learn why some learners focus easily while others struggle  
  • Uncover the key factors underlying the development of a strong attention span
  • Take home 3 research-based strategies to help your learner (and yourself) build a more attentive brain


Featured Speaker:

Ms. Cheryl Chia, Paediatric Physiotherapist and Founder of BrainFit®

With more than 20 years’ experience in brain fitness training, Cheryl is an accomplished paediatric physiotherapist, who is also the founder of BrainFit, an entity that specialises in scientific brain fitness training. Cheryl holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy Studies (Paediatrics) from the University of Queensland, Australia. She was awarded a full scholarship from KK Hospital and was also the overall coordinator for paediatric neurology physiotherapy there. She has lectured in Nanyang Polytechnic and is a much sought-after speaker, including at events organised by MediaCorp-SMART Parents, the Child Guidance Clinic and schools. She is a frequent invited guest on Parenting Made Easy Radio 93.8, where she shares her expertise on brain fitness to help parents raise smarter and more resilient children. Cheryl is also an author and a mother to two young girls.


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Feedback from 1,817 Live Webinar attendees (last update: 25th June):

  • 99.45% found the Live Webinars useful or very useful

  • 84.59% were able to apply strategies presented

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"Very insightful and useful information, suggesting strategies that are applicable."

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"Give comprehensive information and strategies that is easy to understand."

"Speaker is knowledgable & professional, can sense her excitement & passion in the subject! Thank you!"