Better Attention

Improve attention and be able to concentrate on the task longer. Ready to learn the new things and can cope with the problem.

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Better Handwriting

Improve fine motor, gross motor and vision processing that are important for good handwriting.

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Better Listener

Awareness, communication and language skills are better. Analysis and completed orders accurately and precisely.

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Do Better at School

Ready for learning new things both inside and outside the classroom which results in better academic performance.

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  • Mr. James Walker

    Parent of Oat, 9 years old “Oat has become more confident at school ..and teachers have steadily seen improvements in him recently…”

  • Tle Justin

    “I feel better at math and science after learning Fast ForWord. I was better at visual skills, listening and my memories are better too. My parents said that I am more responsible and my movement is better too”

Our Courses

CognitiveMAP™ is a proprietary process that BrainFit Studio uses to measure the brain fitness level of an individual prior to and after brain fitness training. Besides helping us to understand one’s unique brain fitness profile, it also allows us to objectively measure improvement in cognitive skills after brain fitness

Designed especially for infants and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years,  BrainFit® Baby aims to build critical brain fitness  and intelligence foundations in a young child. Parents and carers will also learn how to optimize home environments, interact and play with their child to support this critical development.

While BrainFit® Junior aims to establish vital brain fitness and intelligence foundations in our infants and toddlers, BrainFit® Junior aims to further consolidate and accelerate these pathways. The goal is for our preschoolers to have solid learning “engines” when they enter Primary One.

Since our company’s inception in 2001, our proven BrainFit® Scholar programmes have increased school results, improved athletic performance, accelerated artistic abilities in both visual arts and music, raised confidence and motivation for learning and enhanced emotional management in thousands of school-going children.

If you are looking for the physical, language and cognitive training. Our holiday programs offer a great support to children who want to improve their learning skill, sequencing skill, movement, processing speed, memory, and examination performance.



BrainFit Studio collaborates with leading experts in the field of neuroscience to design the most effective Cognitive training solution available today. We call it our "Whole Brain Training" approach.

Brain training done right.

See results in a short time - students who haved trained with us have greater focus and attention, better Reading skills, Maths, handwriting, and much more..



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