Build Strong Foundation for Math Success




Building the Strong Foundation for Math Success



What Parents and Educators Need to Know

Successful learners, particularly in the realm of mathematics, require more than just rote memorization of formulas. They need a robust foundation of cognitive skills that go hand-in-hand with mathematical understanding.

ClearMath Elementary recognizes this need and focuses on the intentional development of executive functioning skills. The following foundational skills are crucial for their child's success in math:


Attention Span:

The ability to focus on one assignment or activity for an extended period.
Essential for sustained engagement with mathematical concepts.



The ability to create order and structure information, objects, and activities.
Critical for managing and understanding mathematical concepts systematically.



The ability to apply logic in new ways and situations.
Enhances problem-solving skills and encourages critical thinking in mathematics.


Working Memory:

The ability to temporarily hold and manipulate information for other processes.
Crucial for processing and applying mathematical concepts in various contexts.



The ability to channel actions and feelings in goal-directed and socially appropriate ways. Fosters a positive learning environment, promoting effective engagement with math.


Sensory Integration:

The ability to receive, process, and organize sights, sounds, and other sensations.
Integrating sensory experiences enhances a comprehensive understanding of math.






BrainFit and ClearMath: A Powerful Synergy

BrainFit complements ClearMath Elementary by providing a holistic approach to cognitive development. Our program focuses on enhancing these foundational skills, creating a seamless integration with ClearMath's research-backed methodology.

Together, these programs offer a unique blend of mathematical content and cognitive skill development, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.






  • Personalized Learning:

       >> Tailored to each child's unique learning style.

  • Engaging Activities:

        >> Lessons that make learning enjoyable and interactive.

  • Comprehensive Skill Development:

       >> Equipping students with cognitive skills crucial for math success.



Investing in a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the traditional approach to mathematics. We believe in nurturing high-achieving, creative math thinkers with a strong foundation, setting the stage for a lifetime of academic success.

Join us in shaping the future of your child's mathematical journey with BrainFit and ClearMath. Learn more >> 

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