Attention Issue


Improving Attention Deficit Symptoms


As a parent or teacher, you may see a lot of these behaviours from your child:


"attention deficit thailand"

  • Easily Distracted 
  • Slow Learning
  • Forgetful
  • Dislike reading
  • Careless 
  • Slow in math calculations
  • Difficulty in problem solving 
  • Misses instructions
  • Communication problems
  • Give up easily 
  • Weak social skills
  • "Lazy" & unmotivated


These behaviours as we call it "attention deficits" may be seen quite often when brain fitness or cognitive skills are not fully developed.


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Since our brain is the control-center, if a child’s certain core foundations are weak then they would not be successful in activities that require the use of strong foundations.


When a child is not paying attention, avoids challenging tasks, has poor eye-contact or other behavioral issues, we adults often pay a lot of attention to symptoms and it is sometimes difficult to see that there are actually root causes underlying these behaviours.


So when a child is faced with a challenging task that they know they cannot perform in, it is then naturally that they would want to avoid it, make excuses or display behavioural symptoms, which we adult see as “attention” issues.



BrainFit® builds strong foundations for greater attention span in children and conquering attention deficit in Thailand


"atttention deficit thailand"



At BrainFit® Thailand, we have identified five brain pillars that are crucial for helping children learn better and improve their focus, attention deficit in school. These pillars are:


"attention deficit thailand"


Attention: Attention is all about being able to concentrate and stay focused on what we are learning. When children have strong attention skills, they can pay better attention to their teachers, understand instructions, and avoid getting distracted easily. With our brain training exercises, we help children improve their attention, allowing them to stay focused and absorb information more effectively. "attention deficit thailand"
Motor Skills: Motor skills involve the coordination of our body movements. When children have good motor skills, they can write neatly, handle classroom materials with ease, and participate in physical activities confidently. Through specialized exercises, we strengthen children's motor skills, enabling them to have better hand-eye coordination, balance, and control over their body movements, making it easier for them to engage in classroom activities.

Auditory Skills: Auditory skills refer to our ability to process and understand what we hear. When children have strong auditory skills, they can listen carefully to their teachers, follow instructions, and understand spoken information accurately.

Our brain training exercises target auditory processing, helping children improve their listening skills and comprehend information more effectively.

Vision Skills: Vision skills are related to how we process and interpret what we see. When children have good vision skills, they can read text fluently, understand visual information, and maintain visual focus for extended periods. Through targeted exercises, we enhance children's visual processing abilities, enabling them to read with ease, grasp visual concepts, and concentrate on visual tasks.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Emotional intelligence refers to our ability to understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. When children have high EQ, they can regulate their emotions, communicate effectively, and build positive relationships with teachers and peers. We focus on developing social-emotional skills through our brain training programs, helping children improve their self-confidence, emotional resilience, and interpersonal skills, which creates a supportive and conducive learning environment.


By improving the efficiency of these five brain pillars, we provide children with the foundational skills they need to learn better and focus effectively in school. Through our engaging and personalized brain training exercises, we support children in developing attention, motor, auditory, vision, and EQ skills. This empowers them to engage actively in classroom activities, understand lessons more deeply, and perform better academically.


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The only programme that accelerates academic achievement by improving brain performance and attention deficit in Thailand.


BrainFit Thailand offers a complete "Whole Brain Training" programme to improve attention deficit and strengthen critical and learning areas of your child’s brain. Our unique programmes are designed to boost children's cognitive skills that enable them to learn successfully. This provides all the necessary tools for successful learning and gives a jumpstart to your child’s education.



Benefits gained from Whole Brain Training Programme;


Your child’s learning abilities will be enhanced significantly

The better your child’s cognitive abilities, the better he/she will be able to concentrate and focus on any given task from the simplest to the most complex. That means your child can absorb fully in class, understand new concepts faster and be unbeatable in school!


Your child will be more motivated and resilient

With healthier learning mindsets and stronger learning abilities, motivation for learning naturally grows. This sets up a cycle of positivity which leads to greater mental and emotional resilience when faced with setbacks.


You can enjoy an improved parent-and-child relationship

When your child obediently sits down to finish his/her homework and chores, you can finally end the nagging and come home to quality time with your child.



Onsite training available for children aged 3-18 years old includes; 


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1. Physical Training

Physical exercises target postural efficiency, speed,  coordination, motor planning etc to improve attention & learning


"attention cognitive"

2. Cognitive Training

3 programmes, namely, SMART Workout® for general cognition and English Workout & Math Workout for academic achievement


"attention emotion"

3. Emotional Coaching

Comprehensive curriculum targets Growth Mindset, Emotional Regulation and Willpower




From our client testimonials: 

 "After training, he can follow instructions better, has a better memory, understands instructions more effectively, and has surprised his teacher with his remarkable changes. He now focuses better on his reading and learning tasks."
- A father of 10 years old son -


 "He now focuses better, tries harder, and accepts his mistakes with a growth mindset. Additionally, his social skills have improved, and he handles waiting situations with ease. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any parent looking to see positive changes in their child."
- A mother of 9 years old son -


 "Brain training takes time for children, which is why you need a good place for your kid. Her handwriting has improved significantly, and she can stay on task for longer periods while also having better memorisation abilities."
- A mother of 8 years old daughter -


 "After training with BrainFit, she writes better, pays more attention to her assignments with great detail orientation, and is also more accepting of agreements."
- A father of 7 years old daughter -


 "Before training with BrainFit, her fine and gross motor skills were weak, she had difficulty waiting, found it hard to pay attention, and lacked confidence in joining activities. However, after training with BrainFit, her gross and fine motor skills have significantly improved. She is now adept at climbing, moves more fluently, exudes confidence in her actions, and no longer asks about things repeatedly."
- A mother of 6 years old girl -



At BrainFit Thailand, we believe that every child has the potential to excel in their learning journey. Our mission is to unlock that potential by strengthening their brain pillars and helping them become confident and successful learners.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our programs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and your child's learning needs.

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