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Designed especially for infants and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years,  BrainFit® Baby aims to build critical brain fitness  and intelligence foundations in a young child. Parents and carers will also learn how to optimize home environments, interact and play with their child to support this critical development.

Our Methodology

BrainFit® Baby trains our children’s brains by stimulating 5 key areas of cognitive processing and the are – sensory-motor, visual, auditory, focus-memory and EQ, through the SMART Play® Methodology.

SMART Play® utilizes a guided-play approach involving 8 areas of play.

i. Physical Play

ii. Object/ Manipulative Play

iii. Sensory Play

iv. Social Play

v. Pretend Play

vi. Problem-Solving Play

vii. Musical Play

viii. Word Play

Besides learning about the 8 types of play using the SMART Play® methodology, parents will also learn how to apply the “PACE” approach in any play activity they may engage with their child:





The goal of BrainFit® Baby is to build solid cognitive skills in our babies and toddlers using a science-based guided-play approach that also facilitates a fun experience, emotional development and bonding for parent and child.



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