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2022 Dyslexia Research and Evidence-Based Best Practices

by Dr. Martha Burns



Personalized Language and Reading Intervention for Learners with Dyslexia in Thailand

Target the underlying causes of Dyslexia, a solution in Thailand.

Dyslexia is a primarily an auditory disorder with weakness appearing specifically in phonological processing. While most dyslexia interventions are designed to help learners compensate for these difficulties, Fast ForWord is different. It is the only program that provides personalized instruction that permanently fixes phonological processing weaknesses and improves students’ overall memory, attention, processing, and sequencings (MAPS) skills, which are the root causes of Dyslexia.


Fix Processing Weaknesses Fast:

3-Step Cumulative Intervention Model


 Step 1 : Prepare   Fast ForWord prepares the brain for reading by improving the underlying phonological processing skills that result in dyslexia.


② Step 2 : Practice  Fast ForWord provides more intensive practice that any other intervention program 5x the amount of practice to be exact!


③ Step 3 : Reinforce Fast ForWord uses speech verification software to listen as students read texts aloud and provide corrective real-time guided reading reinforcement.



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Results You Can See:

  • Improved phonological processing skills
  • Improved sound-symbol association and syllable structure recognition
  • Improved morphology, syntax, and semantics
  • Improved reading comprehension, fluency, and prosody
  • Improved sight word recognition, vocabulary, and grammar


Designed for students K-12+

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Strong Evidence of Effectiveness for Dyslexia Intervention:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Standford University; Rutgers University; Dartmouth College; Harvard Medical School

fMRI shows that physiological differences in children with dyslexia can be alleviated through remediation

8 weeks of remediation that focused on improved rapid auditory processing and phonological and linguistic training (Fast ForWord) resulted in the children with dyslexia developing differentiated activation to rapid and slow transitions similar to that of children with typical development.

Through independent research from Stanford in 2003 and Harvard in 2007, we are able to see Fast ForWord create physical brain change as it builds new synapses and strengthens the neural pathways, specifically in the areas of reading.


Gabrieli, 2009

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)


Standford University; University of California, Los Angeles; Scientific Learning Corporation; Rutgers University; University of California, San Francisco

fMRI shows cortical activation of children with dyslexia is enhanced in key reading regions of the brain

Researchers used fMRI to show that during phonological awareness tasks, the left hemisphere of children with typical development had more coherent activation in cortical regions critical to reading that children with dyslexia. Following training with the Fast ForWord products, the cortical activation in children with dyslexia became more similar to the activation of typically-developing children.


Case Study: Rolla, MO Public Schools

After implementing the Fast ForWord program, K-3 students with dyslexia have achieved measurable improvements in a wide range of language, cognitive, and reading skills. In addition, diverse learners in grades K-3 who have participated in Fast ForWord program have made improvements as well.


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Promotion ends 30 June 2024

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Research & studies:

See how Fast ForWord meets the specific requirements for Dyslexia Instructional Programs





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