What is CognitiveMAP™?

CognitiveMAP™ is a proprietary process that BrainFit Studio uses to measure the brain fitness level of an individual prior to and after brain fitness training. Besides helping us to understand one’s unique brain fitness profile, it also allows us to objectively measure improvement in cognitive skills after brain fitness

What does a CognitiveMAP™ evaluate?

CognitiveMAP™ evaluates a student’s cognitive skills in the 5 brain fitness systems of:








and Memory




What kind of tests are we using?

At Brainfit Studio, we use internationally recognised standardised tests to evaluate our students’ brain fitness levels. We are all familiar with the idea of tests in school. A standardised test is another kind of test. It is used to measure a child’s ability in a particular area (in this instance brain fitness) compared to other children of the same age.

Standardised tests are universally conducted and scored in a consistent manner, allowing a wealth of statistical data to be collected. CognitiveMAP™ thus enables us to determine the “fitness level” of a student’s cognitive abilities by comparing his standardised tests scores against data of his peers.

The process takes 60 – 90 minutes for each student