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What is ClearFluency? (used to be called Reading Assistant Plus)

ClearFluency is an innovative online language learning tool developed by Carnegie Learning. It is designed to enhance English language skills and improve fluency for students of all ages. ClearFluency builds confident readers and speakers by providing immediate and personalized feedback. Our program helps students improve fluency skills and build academic vocabulary while guiding comprehension as they engage with high-interest, developmentally-appropriate texts.

Whether you're a mainstream student, an English language learner (ELL), or someone looking to improve their English proficiency, ClearFluency offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. 


Benefits of ClearFluency:


"ClearFluency online reading tool"


1. Comprehensive Language Development: ClearFluency provides a holistic approach to language learning, focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

2. Engaging and Interactive Learning: ClearFluency offers interactive lessons, engaging activities, and real-world simulations to make learning enjoyable and effective.

3. Personalized Instruction: ClearFluency adapts to individual learner needs, providing personalized feedback and tailored practice to address specific areas of improvement.

4. Accessibility: ClearFluency is available online, allowing students to access the platform both in school labs and at home, providing flexibility and convenience.

5. Research-Backed Strategies: ClearFluency is grounded in research-based methods and best practices, ensuring high-quality language instruction for optimal learning outcomes.


Who is ClearFluency for?


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ClearFluency is suitable for a wide range of learners, including:

1. Mainstream Students: ClearFluency provides additional practice and support to improve English language skills for students in regular classrooms.

2. English Language Learners (ELL): ClearFluency offers targeted language instruction and practice exercises to help ELL students develop fluency and proficiency in English.

3. Students with Dyslexia: ClearFluency employs research-backed strategies to support students with dyslexia, helping them improve their reading, writing, and speaking abilities. 

4. Individuals Looking to Improve English Language Skills: ClearFluency is also a valuable tool for anyone wanting to enhance their English language abilities, such as professionals, immigrants, or non-native speakers.


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ClearFluency for Mainstream Students:


For mainstream students, ClearFluency serves as a supplementary resource to strengthen their language skills. Through engaging activities and interactive lessons, students can reinforce their understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and communication, leading to improved performance in academic settings.


ClearFluency for English Language Learners (ELL):


ClearFluency is specifically designed to support ELL students on their language learning journey. It offers targeted instruction, vocabulary building exercises, and authentic language practice to enhance language acquisition and promote confident communication in English. 


ClearFluency for Students with Dyslexia:


ClearFluency addresses the unique needs of students with dyslexia. With its multi-sensory approach and specialized reading and writing exercises, it helps dyslexic learners improve their reading fluency, decoding skills, and overall language proficiency.


ClearFluency for Individuals Seeking to Improve English:


ClearFluency is an ideal choice for individuals who want to enhance their English language skills. Whether you want to improve your speaking abilities, expand your vocabulary, or strengthen your writing skills, ClearFluency provides targeted instruction and practice to support your language development.



ClearFluency Library: Engaging and Diverse Content for Grades K-12+

ClearFluency provides a comprehensive library of engaging and diverse content suitable for students from Kindergarten (K) through grade 12 and beyond. The ClearFluency Library offers a wide range of materials that are not only educational but also fun and interesting, catering to the varied interests and preferences of learners.



"ClearFluency Thailand"



ClearFluency Highlights:

1. Reading Materials: The ClearFluency Library includes a vast collection of age-appropriate books, articles, short stories, and informational texts covering various genres and subjects. From classic literature to contemporary works, students can explore captivating texts that foster a love for reading and improve their language skills.


2. Listening Resources: ClearFluency offers an extensive selection of audio content, including podcasts, interviews, speeches, and recordings of authentic conversations. These resources help students develop their listening comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation while exposing them to real-life language usage.


3. Interactive Activities: ClearFluency provides interactive activities such as games, quizzes, and puzzles that make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. These activities reinforce language skills and concepts, promote critical thinking, and motivate students to actively participate in their language development.


4. Videos and Multimedia: The ClearFluency Library features a wide array of educational videos, animations, and multimedia presentations. These visual and auditory resources facilitate comprehension, provide context, and offer an immersive learning experience that caters to different learning styles.


5. Culturally Relevant Content: ClearFluency recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion in language learning. The library includes content that represents diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences, allowing students to explore global topics and broaden their understanding of the world.


6. Supplementary Materials: In addition to core language skills, the ClearFluency Library offers supplementary materials that address specific language areas, such as grammar, vocabulary expansion, idioms, and figurative language. These resources provide additional support and practice for students aiming to strengthen their language proficiency.



Benefits of the ClearFluency Library: 


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1. Interest and Motivation: The library's fun and interesting content captivate students' attention, fostering a genuine interest in reading, listening, and exploring new topics. 

2. Comprehensive Language Exposure: Through a diverse range of reading materials, audio resources, videos, and interactive activities, students are exposed to various language forms and genres, enhancing their linguistic competence.

3. Cultural Awareness: The culturally relevant content promotes understanding, empathy, and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, contributing to global citizenship.

4. Personalized Learning Paths: ClearFluency's library content can be tailored to meet the individual needs and proficiency levels of each student, ensuring targeted instruction and practice.

5. Supplemental Support: The library's supplementary materials offer additional practice and reinforcement for specific language areas, providing extra support for students who require it.

With its comprehensive and engaging library content, ClearFluency offers students an enriching language learning experience that goes beyond traditional textbooks. Through a combination of captivating reading materials, interactive activities, multimedia resources, and culturally diverse content, ClearFluency sparks students' curiosity, cultivates their language skills, and makes the learning journey both fun and rewarding.


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