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Summer Course 2022 is now available!


BrainFit Summer Programme is for children aged 3-18,

fun activities that improve foundation cognitive skills.

Based on 30 years of neuroscience research. 



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Gains after training:

  • Greater attention span
  • Increased learning speed
  • Improvement in reading and spelling
  • Accurately follow instructions
  • Neater Handwriting
  • Better Academic Performance
  • Better Co-ordination in sports
  • English Language Development


    Summer is an important time for the brain to develop

    During school holidays, some students’ learning ability fall backwards especially in math, English, and reading skills. And they have to work much harder when school opens to keep up with the class- some even fall behind if they don’t work hard enough.


    BrainFit Summer Programme is different

    "Use it or lose it"- the brain is like a muscle and with the right kind of training, it can be strengthened. Yes, we can improve the brain’s processing power during school holidays with the right kind of training. By doing activities that strengthen foundational cognitive skills during this crucial period, the brain is able to work faster and students are ready to absorb new information at the beginning of the new school year.


    Individualized Courses

    Each child is unique and one size does not fit all. Our system closely monitor student progress and automatically adjust the difficulty level as they train. Our unique protocol is based on 15 years of training data. Students can enroll at any time and progress at their own pace, another reason why we see real results.


    Our "Whole Brain Training" approach strengthens critical learning 5 areas of the brain

    All learning issues (attention, handwriting, reading & spelling) arise from slight weaknesses in some basic foundation cognitive skills. Using neuroscience principles, our fun, intensive courses can improve these foundations so learning becomes easier, students can focus more in class, become fluent readers and enjoy learning.


    Students will train on 5 cutting-edge programmes:


    1. SMART™ Listening



    SMART Listening™ utilises the Fast ForWord® family of products, proven for its effectiveness at MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities.  The result of more than 30 years of Neuroscientific research, this software has helped over 2 million students boost their auditory, reading and language skills for improved scholastic performance. Children who have been trained on Fast ForWord® have displayed improved auditory, language and reading skills and increased self-esteem in and out of the classroom.

    Fast ForWord® is a computer-based product that accelerates learning by developing Learning MAPS™, key cognitive skills comprising Memory, Attention, Processing, and Sequencing. Through Frequency, Adaptivity, Simultaneous development, and Timely motivation, the FAST Power Learning Formula™, language, reading and comprehension skills improve.



    2. SMART™ Vision


    Suitable for students 6 to 18 years of age, SMART™ Vision aims to rapidly improve a student’s visual brain fitness by using a proven and personalised programme comprising gym-based exercises, table-top as well as computer-based visual activities. Our visual brain fitness helps us to quickly and accurately interpret the information received through our eyes, especially important in the classroom. Having strong visual brain fitness helps students to excel in “visual” subjects such as Math, geometry and have neat, effortless handwriting.

    During each SMART™ Vision session, your child will participate in a series of movement activities that strengthen eye movement speed and accuracy, visual spatial awareness as well as table-top and computer-based activities that enhance visual perception, visual-motor integration and visual memory.


    3. SMART™ Moves


    SMART™ Moves aims to strengthen a student’s sensory-motor brain fitness and accelerate learning speed using a proven and personalised gym-based programme.

    Sensory-motor brain fitness is critical in the classroom whenever a child needs to put pen to paper (e.g. for drawing, colouring and writing), participate in activities with other children or execute any response with a movement element.

    During each SMART™ Moves session, your child will participate in a series of movement activities that build gross motor skills and processing speed (including core stability, balance and coordination, motor planning) as well as table-top activities that build fine motor and handwriting skills.



    4. SMART™ Focus



    • A series of 12 different personalised brain training app games
    • Targets key cognitive skills such as working memory, attention span, processing speed, cognitive flexibility and numerical fluency
    • Expect improvement in focus, learning speed and ability
    • Progress reports for teachers with session by session tracking


    5. SMART™ EQ


    Emotional Intelligence is about using your emotions to guide you through the world. It is about being able to use your own knowledge of emotions to make decisions, to calm yourself down, to manage anger and conflict, to help you in your relationships with people, to know what is happening in social situations, and to assist you in many aspects of life where you or another person is involved.

    SMART™ EQ aims to build emotional intelligence in children aged 8 to 12 years old through proven methodologies based on the successful Learned Optimism and Aussie Optimism programmes from USA and Australia.




    Summer Course Schedule 


    Enroll Now! get 40% discount

    Hurry up! Limited seats available

    Promotion ends 31 July 2022




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    Promotion ends 31 July 2022


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