Discovering Potential with BrainFit® Programmes: A Journey of Growth




Welcome to BrainFit®, where we're all about unlocking the unique potential within every child through our neuroscience-based brain training programmes. Our approach is simple yet powerful - it's all about understanding, tailoring, empowering, and celebrating. Let's take a closer look at how we bring this philosophy to life in our programmes. 


Understanding Each Child's Story: The Test Phase


"CognitiveMAP Assessment"


At BrainFit®, we believe that every child has their own story to tell. That's why we start by getting to know them through our CognitiveMAP Assessment. This assessment isn't just about numbers; it's about understanding who they are. We look at things like how they move, what catches their eye, how they listen, where their focus lies, and even how they feel. It's all part of painting a picture of their unique strengths and areas where they could use a little boost.


Crafting a Personalised Plan: The Tailor Phase

Once we've got a good grasp of each child's story, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We take all that juicy information from the assessment and use it to craft a personalised plan just for them. Maybe they need a little help with their memory, or perhaps their focus could use a tune-up. Whatever it is, we've got them covered. We even sprinkle in some fun activities like English workouts and math games to keep things interesting.


Empowering Growth: The Train Phase


Now comes the fun part - getting down to business and training those brains! We've got three secret weapons in our arsenal: physical training, cognitive exercises, and emotional coaching. Together, they're like a dream team, helping kids flex their mental muscles and build up their confidence. And the best part? They start seeing progress in just a few months! Suddenly, things that used to feel tricky become a piece of cake, whether it's remembering things better, staying focused longer, or acing those exams.


Celebrating Every Step: The Track Phase

Here at BrainFit®, we love nothing more than celebrating victories, big or small. That's why we keep a close eye on each child's progress every step of the way. From the moment they walk through our doors to the day they leave with a smile on their face, we're there, cheering them on. Whether it's mastering a new skill, overcoming a challenge, or just feeling a little more confident, we believe every achievement deserves a high-five and a pat on the back.


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