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Are you noticing that your child struggles with handwriting? At BrainFit® Thailand, we understand this common concern among parents. Over the years, we've seen many children facing challenges with their handwriting skills. But why does this happen?




One significant reason is the increasing influence of digital devices in our children's lives. With smartphones, video games, and other gadgets becoming more prevalent, traditional handwriting activities like using pens and paper are taking a back seat. These activities are crucial for building foundational skills such as letter formation, spacing, and speed, which are essential for clear and confident handwriting.




Several factors can affect a child's handwriting:

  • Gross motor skills: Overall body strength and coordination.

  • Fine motor skills: Coordination of small hand muscles.

  • Attention: Ability to focus on specific tasks while filtering out distractions.

  • Sensory processing: Integration of sensory information by the brain.

  • Visual motor skills: Ability to translate visual information into motor actions.


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Before trying any solutions, it's essential to understand that your child might have a mix of these challenges. So, it's helpful to address each one step by step. Learn how we help >>>


Involve your child in finding solutions:

    ✏️ Ask what parts of writing feel tough for them.

    ✏️ Let them choose their favourite writing tools.

    ✏️ Introduce helpful strategies when your child is calm and open. These methods work well from preschool to early school years.



1. Muscle power: Use a footstool to help them sit comfortably.

2. Eye moves: Practice scanning exercises to keep letters in line.

3. Smooth writing: Try erasable pens for less pressure.

4. Focus time: Use visual timers to help them concentrate.

5. Touch feedback: Explore spiky pencil grips or weighted pencils.




By balancing screen time with these activities, your child can develop the skills they need for clear and neat handwriting.

Want to see your child write confidently? Reach out to BrainFit® Thailand! Our tailored programs are designed to boost your child's handwriting skills and set them up for success in school.


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