LIVE Webinar: Neuroscience: The Importance of Understanding the Brain





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"Neuroscience: The Importance of Understanding the Brain"

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Topic: "Neuroscience: The Importance of Understanding the Brain"

Date: Thursday, 4th February 2021

Time: 8:00AM to 9:00AM (Bangkok Time)

Suitable for: School administrators, teachers, counsellors, psychologists, allied educators, therapists, parents or anyone interested in the learning brain.

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Our understanding of brain plasticity provides us with transformative insights into strategies for optimizing neurological performance. Because we understand on a first level the neurological origins of variations in human performance and achievement—and we understand the processes that govern and control brain change—we now understand how to advance the performance abilities of any individual, of any age, at will. 

Our growing understanding of the relationships between human performance and organic brain health informs strategies for improving and sustaining that health, and for growing resilience to help assure a safer neurological passage across the childhood epoch of life. 

We shall briefly review this science, then describe how it has led to new practical strategies for helping almost any child elevate their brainpower to a higher and safer operational level.


Featured Speaker:


Michael Merzenich, PhD

Michael Merzenich, PhD, Professor (emeritus), University of California at San Francisco, Founder, Scientific Learning, Posit Science, Stronger Brains. Michael is a serial entrepreneur, author and world-class neuroscientist. For nearly five decades, he has been a leading pioneer in brain plasticity research. 

Dr. Merzenich has published more than 150 articles in leading peer-reviewed journals (such as Science and Nature), and received numerous awards and prizes (including the Russ Prize, Ipsen Prize, Zülch Prize, Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award and Purkinje Medal). 

He has been granted nearly 100 patents, and he and his work have been highlighted in hundreds of books about the brain, learning, rehabilitation, and plasticity. 

In 2016, Dr. Merzenich was awarded one of the world’s top neuroscience prizes, the Kavli Prize, for his achievements in the field of brain plasticity.


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